Hey there!  Welcome in! I’m Amy Clinton.

I help ambitious, professional midlife women find the key to what has been missing in their long term relationship.

I believe a marriage is the direct reflection of how each partner feels about themself and the role they play in the relationship.

If you raise each individual’s confidence and improve the quality of love and acceptance for the other, the relationship continues to grow stronger and stronger.  And if you inspire the female to take the first step and begin implementing these values, their partners typically take notice and start to follow!

I offer a shift in perspective around the issues within their marriage.  They begin feeling more confident in and out of the bedroom.  A renewed connection is felt and they are able to love their spouse for who they honestly are and not who they want them to be.  As a result, both the intimacy and the trust sky-rocket in their relationship.

Midlife is hard enough. Between dealing with the hormonal changes we experience during this time in our life and juggling our many responsibilities, often our marriage gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. Let me help you make it the priority it needs to be without feeling like the other areas are suffering because of it.

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Much love,