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Would You Do It All Over Again?

I knew in my early 30s I wanted to be a relationship coach.  It wasn’t called that back then.  This was way before the coaching industry exploded and it was common to work from home.   I envisioned myself sitting at my desk writing the next best seller on relationships, looking out the window of my […]

Is This a Midlife Crisis?

The million dollar question I hear time and time again is: How do I know if this is a midlife crisis?  Quickly followed by: Why do I feel so off all the time?  I don’t even know who I am when I look in the mirror.  I have worked so hard and I have nothing […]

How to trick your brain into finding the calm when everything around you is screaming RUN

Life continues to get more complicated.  Every day we are surrounded by more sickness, more heartbreak, more tragedy, and more anxiety.  If we aren’t careful, it will consume us.   It is consuming us. We keep hearing how we should look for the good and take care of ourselves, but that seems so difficult in the […]

5 Things Every Midlife Mama Should Know About Energy

Your days are filled with mundane tasks and a boring routine.  By late afternoon you’re exhausted and not looking forward to yet another dull, quiet night at home.  After cleaning up dinner (which feels like such a chore), you are ready to call it quits, veg out in front of the tv or with a book and then head to bed to reluctantly do it all again tomorrow.

Boy can I relate.  I used to always be so exhausted that I could barely get done what absolutely needed to be done.  And there was no way I was starting any big projects.  Just the thought of reorganizing my closet or cleaning out my son’s old room had me heading to bed to pull the sheets up over my head. 

What if I told you you didn’t have to feel like that anymore.  What if I could give you 5 steps to naturally increase your energy so you can create a more vibrant, exciting, and fulfilling day that when added to other exciting days will create a passionate, adventurous life.  And these tips aren’t your typical drink more water and eat some spinach kind of types.  They are simple actions you can take every day to rev up that energy.  Ready to hear more?